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Could I become a ringer?

  • “If you can ride a bicycle you can ring!”

Ringing is well within the capabilities of most people. The initial learning takes several weeks, after which you can begin to ring with the rest of the band.

Most ringers practise once or twice a week and ring before church on Sunday.“Being able to count is all the maths you’ll need and you can become a very good ringer without knowing anything about music.”

Why learn to ring?

  • Friends around the world
  • Lifelong learning experience
  • Maintain a traditional skill
  • A service to the church
  • Team activity
  • A great mental workout
  • Opportunity to visit amazing places
  • “One of the delights of ringing is the endless opportunity to learn new things.

Change Ringing

The origins of change ringing lie in the sixteenth century when church bells began to be fitted with a full wheel. This gave ringers control of their bell, allowing sets of bells (rings) to be rung in continuously changing patterns.

Music is created by altering the order in which the bells sound. This is done in defined sequences of changes called methods. Learning a few simple methods allows ringers to join in with other bands in towers around the world.

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